An universal upgrade kit for industrial CT scanners
Up to 60% efficiency increase without hardware and software changes to existing system.


Technical specification and product contents

The POLYREKO software is part of every POLYCT. It enables the reconstruction of the projection data generated by the CT system to several three-dimensional volumes. The software offers a broad compatibility for the different CT systems available on the market and thus also enables the alternating operation between two systems of different manufacturers.

In addition to the broad compatibility, the software has all the necessary functions to process a projection image with several objects, each with its own centre of rotation, into individual reconstructions. In addition to the geometry information that is essential for a proper reconstruction the determination of the optimal centre of rotation position for each axis is included ensuring perfect CT results. In order to minimise the effort of the CT user when using the POLYCT, the functions have been highly automated.

Additional features such as automatic naming of the output data via the name of the measurement and storage options for the most recently used rotation centre positions allow the existing CT workflow to be expanded by the POLYCT methodology with minimal efforts. Also for this purpose, the *.vgl volume data format is available in addition to the native output format (*.rek) enabling a seamless use of the reconstruction data in the VG Studio Max software.

Supported data formats Waygate - *.pca
YXLON – Geminy
YXLON - *.xxm
Bruker – *.log
Diondo - *.xml
Werth -*.raw
Reconstruction 3D-CT FBP
Plattform Win10 or higher
System requirements 32 GB RAM or more
NVIDIA1080 Ti or higher
AMD Radeon Pro

Reconstruction library and native data format (*.rek) by:

Opt. Data Output Format *.vgl

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Geomatry Compensation
Fast individual reconstrution