An universal upgrade kit for industrial CT scanners
Up to 60% efficiency increase without hardware and software changes to existing system.


Technical specification and product contents

Number of axes 3
Sample diameter 75 mm
Maximum load 15 kg
Weight 1.5 kg
Rod diameter 12 mm
Dimensions 200 mm × 80 mm × 110 mm
Electrical supply Li-ion (5 V/3.4 Ah)
Laser Class 1 (lowest category)

standard package contents

Device 1 POLYCT
Sample supports Tubes with cylinder intake
Central Platter
2 x Platter for twofold operation
Installation Magnetic measuring stand (290mm)
Rekonstruction software POLYREKO (latest rel.)
Output data format *.rek, *.vgl
Visualisation software VolumePlayerPlus
Postprocessing Reko-based Ring-removal
License Key Physical HASP Dongle/ Online Dongle (1 client)
User Manual English, German

system requirements and options

Included mounting Rod for a standard turntable chuck (centered to <100 µm)
Optional mounting Centered mounting stand (upon request)
Optional object holder Ask us for different sample holders, like fast changing maganzines that can be loaded while a scan is running or specially shaped platters
Counter-rotation stand Ferromagnetic plate close to the turntable (80mm x 50mm)
CT system requirements Possibility to compansate for the higher object position
Proper alignment of CT components
Reconstruction Standard reconstruction or visualisation client with at least 32GB RAM and a CUDA compatible Graphics card
General software requirements Possibility to install the software
Access to the measuremnt data acquired by the CT system


The POLYREKO software closes the process chain by allowing the projection data recorded on the CT system to be reconstructed into individual data sets. The software supports numerous data formats from different CT system manufacturers and can be installed and operated on a PC system with a powerful graphics card.

Supported data formats Waygate - *.pca
YXLON – Geminy
YXLON - *.xxm
Bruker – *.log
Diondo - *.xml
Werth -*.raw
Reconstruction 3D-CT FBP
Plattform Win10 or higher
System requirements 32 GB RAM or more
NVIDIA1080 Ti or higher
AMD Radeon Pro

Reconstruction library and native data format (*.rek) by:

Opt. Data Output Format *.vgl

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Geomatry Compensation
Fast individual reconstrution