PolyCT m3

xray-lab and the Fraunhofer Development Center for X-ray Technology (EZRT) present the PolyCT as an intuitively usable add-on equipment, which can reduce the scanning time by a factor of 3 – especially with complex inspection tasks, such as analyses of highly x-ray-attenuating objects.

The patented new product combines precision mechanics, CT know-how a well as progressive reconstruction algorithms to an easily usable tool for every CT laboratory. In particular: PolyCT is compatible to all the common CT systems on the market and is easily put into operation in few short steps. This way, the operator can use this upgrade kit for various machines. Additionally, once the system is installed, it does not interfere with the standard CT functions and does not adversely influence the quality of the results. The upgrade can be easily performed even between scans.


The measuring device is clamped into the CT chuck instead of the sample(s) or directly mounted on top of the rotary table using a centering adapter.


The PolyCT kit enables optimum use of the detector areas due to individual rotating centers. Thereby less angular increments are necessary compared to a standard CT scan.


The data processing is automated by the usual reconstruction software and does not require further intervention in the existing system architecture.


The combination of precise mechanics, easy handling and the Fraunhofer reconstruction software enables a user-friendly application in every inspection laboratory.


  • Throughput increase
  • Reduction of scanning time – even with highly absorbent objects
  • Efficiency increase of existing CT systems
  • More efficient use of expensive system hardware
  • Compatible to all standard CT systems
  • No interference with mechanical controls or software
  • Quick installation by integrated alignment and locking mechanism
  • Suitable for tasks of non-destructive testing or metrology
  • Direct application in systems with integrated clamping chucks as sample holders
  • Centering adapter for flat rotary tables
  • Multiple mounting configurations allow scanning of various parts
  • Particularly suitable for elongated samples with highly attenuating cross sections
  • Automated volume separation of individual samples during the acquisition, performed by real-time reconstruction
  • Universally readable reconstruction data format (direct import in common visualization tools possible)

Optimized to your testing process

Let us optimize your testing process together.
Our experienced team will analyze your testing situation and develop a proposal for process optimization.
We will then be happy to design an individual solution for your application. A tailor-made PolyCT/DR module. Specifications for assembly and space situation within the X-ray system can be taken into account, as well as the number of rotary axes to be used and their distances.
The realization includes an individual adaptation of the specimen holder geometry to your test object and the required test situation.
Whether compact system with smallest sample space or a vertically running beam geometry, you are welcome to challenge us!